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About Sketchub

Sketchub is the first unofficial app created for sharing Sketchware projects and apps. By uploading your projects and apps on Sketchub, you can get feedback from users about your app or project, or how can you improve it. You can also get a good user base in your app, and there are many more advantages. Sketchub has 200-300 daily active users and a user base of over 7k users.

Our Progress

Improving and Enhancing

We are improving our services day by day, not only Sketchub, but our other sub-apps, too.

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Check out our Youtube channel.

Making clean and meaningful videos is our highest priority.


Powerful Features As Always

Fast & Powerful

We are using upgraded servers, upload your app or project in less than 2 minutes.

Upload Raw Projects

Sketchub is specially designed to upload Sketchware projects.

Private sharing

We have better ways for sharing your private projects.


We use security rules and complex encryption.


We've got a large team always available for minimizing spam and threats.

Editable Layout

You can edit main layout to increase performance.

Our Team

We're on our way to make this an awesome project.

Amitoj Singh

Founder and Creator

Rohit Kumar

Co-Dev and Graphic Designer




Head Admin












Web-Dev Lead



Tesla II


Toastcode Dev

Trial Moderator


Trial Moderator


Trial Moderator

BlueCat Software

Trial Moderator


Trial Moderator

Julihermeson And. DigitalProject

Trial Moderator

Just Dery

Trial Moderator

Solo Studio Officil

Trial Moderator

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the Verified user badge on profile?

To become a Verified user you should get plenty number of likes and positive comments. Verification will depend upon your good impression on the service. You will haave to be verified manually.

Why ads? How can I remove them?

Who loves ads? Nobody, not even us. But servers are not free, and financial support is necessary to run Sketchub smoothly. We have pricing plans, if we gain sufficient subscribers, ads will be removed for all users.

Why was my project switched to private?

Our moderation team switches projects to private if thay are against the T&C. Check the comment section on your project to see exactly why.

Why my project is deleted?

An admin may delete your project if you broke T&C multiple times after the project was switched to private. If you think it was a mistake, you can contact us to avoid further problems.

Am I allowed to upload projects made through Sketchware Mods?

Currently, we don't allow projects made through mods. You can, however, upload APKs made with mods.

Is Sketchub made through Sketchware?


Is Sketchub app supported to Kitkat devices?

No, due to some important java codes, the Sketchub App is not supported to KitKat devices. Our team is trying to make web version of sketchub for all devices.

How can I get the Verified user badge on projects?

If the project is following terms and conditions of Sketchub, it will eligible for verified badge. Our Team has to manually review you project, so the verification process might be delayed. Note: You will lose your project's verification tick if you will update your project, but dont worry about it, it will be reverified usually.